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Call for Student Volunteers for IJCAI-99

Call for Student Volunteers for IJCAI'99 16th International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence July 31 -- August 6 1999 Stockholm, Sweden.

Deadline for application: May 10 1999

The local organization team for IJCAI'99 is now seeking student volunteers. Volunteers are expected to do approximately half a day's work each day during the entire conference, i.e. from July 30 (see below) to August 6. The work will consist of assistance at the registration desk; assistance at workshops, tutorials, and technical sessions; and general assistance helping out where needed (e.g. giving directions to participants, helping presenters to test their presentations etc).

We start with a meeting late afternoon on Friday July 30. The real work starts on Saturday July 31.

In return for your work you get

We will also try to assist you in finding inexpensive accomodation. Hotel rooms are available at 350 SEK/night/person in double rooms, and we are working on less expensive solutions as well.

The deadline for volunteer applications is May 10, 1999. Please note that volunteers should NOT register to IJCAI through any other means than by sending in the application.

In your application, please state your:

For submission of your application or if you have any questions, please use the address below.

Hope to see you in Stockholm this summer!

Asa Rudstrom,
Student Volunteer Coordinator for IJCAI'99

Asa Rudstrom         E-mail: asa@sics.se
SICS                 WWW:    http://www.sics.se/~asa
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