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IJCAII is pleased to announce the continuation of its Travel Awards Program for students, junior scientists and scientists from Eastern Europe and other countries with unstable currency interested in attending IJCAI-99. ECCAI will also provide travel funds for young members of an ECCAI Member Society. The Conference Fee Waiving Program will help some of the participants from Eastern Europe and developing countries. Additionally, the Student Volunteer Program continues to provide limited support to those students willing to help make IJCAI-99 a success.

 IJCAII Travel Award Program 

Travel awards are available for students and junior researchers through IJCAII and other national societies. Due to limited availability of IJCAII Travel Award Program funds, it is highly recommended that applicants, especially students, approach their local AI Society first for possible support. For information regarding the IJCAI-99 Travel Award Program, please contact:

 c/o Priscilla Rasmussen
 75 Paterson Street, Suite 9
 New Brunswick, NJ 08901, USA
 Phone: +1-732-342-9100
 Fax: +1-732-342-9339
 E-mail: rasmusse@ijcai.org

The original and three copies of a letter of request should be submitted to Priscilla Rasmussen no later than May 1, 1999. This application should state:

A post-conference report and receipts totaling the award amount will be required after the conference in order to receive the award.

In the event that travel award applications exceed available funds, preference will be given to students who have an accepted technical paper, and then to students who are actively participating in the conference in some way or those having unstable currency problems.

 ECCAI Travel Award Program 

The European Coordinating Committee for Artificial Intelligence (ECCAI) has a small number of Travel Grants with a value of 400 Euros each, available for young members of an ECCAI member society. Priority will be given to authors of papers accepted for the technical program over papers for workshops. Recipients should play an active role in IJCAI-99 as a presenter, chair, panelist, etc. In exchange for support, a report for publication will be required. Deadline for applications is May 4, 1999.

For full details and the application procedure, see the ECCAI web site at http://www.eccai.org, or e-mail.

 Dr. Robert Milne
 ECCAI Travel Grants Officer
 Intelligent Applications
 1 Michaelson Square
 Livingston, W. Lothian
 Scotland, UK
 Tel: +44 1506 47 20 47
 Fax: +44 1506 47 22 82
 E-mail: rmilne@bcs.org.uk

 The Conference Fee Waiving Program 

Limited funds are available to cover the conference participation fee of participants from Eastern Europe as well as from developing countries.

In order to apply, submit a letter of application and a short CV electronically or by post to:

 Diana Molero
 Electrum 204
 164 40 Kista, Sweden
 e-mail: diana@it.kth.se

The deadline for applying is April 1, 1999.

 Student Volunteer Program 

Students not requiring travel assistance should apply only for the Student Volunteer Program, which provides complimentary registration, including conference proceedings, to full time students in exchange for assisting IJCAI-99 organizers in Sweden.

This program does not provide travel award funds, and is designed for local students or students who have other sources for travel funds. The deadline for volunteer applications is May 10, 1999.

For further information regarding the Student Volunteer Program, please refer to the IJCAI-99 Web pages or contact the Student Volunteer Coordinator:

 Åsa Rudström
 P.O. Box 12 63
 SE-164 29 Kista, Sweden
 E-mail: asa@sics.se

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