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Call for Workshop Proposals

The IJCAI-99 Program Committee invites proposals for the Workshop Program for IJCAI-99, to be held in Stockholm, Sweden. Workshops will be held in the period of July 31 - August 2, immediately before the start of the main conference.

IJCAI-99 workshops will provide an informal setting where workshop participants will have the opportunity to discuss specific technical topics in an atmosphere that fosters the active exchange of ideas. Members from all segments of the AI community are invited to submit workshop proposals for review. Workshops at the boundaries between sub-areas of AI are particularly encouraged.

To encourage interaction and a broad exchange of ideas, the workshops will be kept under 40 participants. Attendance is limited to active participants only.

Workshops are intended to be genuinely interactive events and not miniature conferences. Thus, although the format of workshop presentations will be determined by the organizers proposing the workshop, ample time must be allotted for general discussion. Workshops can vary in length, but most will last a full day. Workshop attendees must register for the main IJCAI conference.

Important Dates for Workshops

Requirements for Submission

Proposals for workshops should be between two and three pages in length, and should contain the following information:

Proposers are encouraged to send their draft proposal to potential participants for comments before submission.


All proposals should be submitted by electronic mail, to thrun@cs.cmu.edu, in plain ASCII text, as soon as possible but no later than October 1, 1998. Prospective organizers will be notified of the committee's decision no later than November 4, 1998.

Each workshop organizing committee will be responsible for producing a Call for Participation in the workshop by December 1, 1998. The call must make it clear that the workshop is open to all members of the AI community. It should also note that all workshop participants must register for the IJCAI conference and that the number of participants is strictly limited.

Finally, it should also make clear the process by which the Organizing Committee will select the participants.

By April 30, 1999, workshop organizing committees must provide provisional lists of workshop participants, any working notes to be duplicated for the workshops (up to a total of 200 pages per participant), and a list of audio- visual requirements and any special room requirements. Final lists of workshop participants must be provided by June 15, 1999.

By December 15, 1999, the workshop organizing committees must prepare a review of their workshops for possible publication. The review should be sent to the workshop chair.

IJCAI will be responsible for the following:

IJCAI encourages the production of publications based on the workshops, but the IJCAI name cannot be used on such publications without prior permission. IJCAI reserves the right to cancel any workshop if deadlines are missed or if too few attendees register for the workshop to support the costs of running the workshop.

To cover costs, it will be necessary to charge workshop participants a workshop fee in addition to the normal IJCAI-99 conference registration fee.

Please send your proposals and any inquiries to:

  Sebastian Thrun
IJCAI-99 Workshops
Computer Science Department
Carnegie Mellon University
5000 Forbes Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15213-3891
E-mail: thrun@cs.cmu.edu
Phone: (412) 268-8077
FAX: (412) 268-5576

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