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IJCAI'99 Accepted Paper Titles

IJCAI wishes to congratulate the authors of the papers whose titles are listed below and that have been accepted for presentation at IJCAI'99. We also extend our thanks to all authors who submitted their work to IJCAI'99. Formal notifications and copies of reviews will be mailed to all authors by February 26, 1999.

A003  "A Potts Spin MFT NetworkSolving Multiple Causal Interactions"
A005  "Cooperation of Heterogeneous Provers"
A011  "Lemma Generation for Model Elimination by Combining Top-Down and Bottom-Up Inference"
A013  "Preferred Arguments are Harder to Compute than Stable Extension"
A016  "Multi-dimensional description logics"
A022  "Temporal Coherence and Prediction Decay in TD Learning"
A038  "Improved Classification for a Data Fusing Kohonen Self Organizing Map Using A Dynamic Thresholding Technique"
A044  "From Interaction Data to Plan Libraries: A Clustering Approach"
A047  "GIB: Steps Toward an Expert-Level Bridge-Playing Program"
A049  "Reasoning with Concrete Domains"
A055  "The Detection and Exploitation of Symmetry in Planning Problems"
A058  "Conceptual grouping in word co-occurrence networks"
A065  "On the Complexity of Model Checking for Propositional Default Logics: New Results and Tractable Cases"
A077  "Generalized Physical Networks for Automated Model Building"
A080  "Pre-sending documents on the WWW: A comparative study"
A081  "Behavior Networks for Continuous Domains using Situation-Dependent Motivations"
A084  "Domain-Specific Keyphrase Extraction"
A095  "Decision Tree Grafting From the All Tests But One Partition"
A097  "Structured Modeling Language for Automated Modeling in Causal Networks"
A116  "Computer Aided Tracing of Children's Physics Learning: a Teacher Oriented View"
A118  "UPML: A Framework for knowledge system reuse"
A132  "A Lattice Machine Approach to Automated Casebase Design: Marrying Lazy and Eager Learning"
A133  "A Near-Optimal Polynomial Time Algorithm for Learning in Stochastic Games"
A134  "A Comparison of Structural CSP Decomposition Methods"
A135  "A Distributed Case-Based Reasoning Application for Engineering Sales Support"
A137  "Confidence Based Dual Reinforcement Q-Routing: An adaptive online network routing algorithm"
A139  "Reachability, Relevance, Resolution and the Planning as Satisfiability Approach"
A143  "An Evaluation of Criteria for Measuring the Quality of Clusters"
A147  "On the Role of Context-Specific Independence in Probabilistic Inference"
A150  "A logic of Intention"
A154  "Knowledge Modeling and Reusability in ExClaim"
A155  "Maximum entropy and variable strength defaults"
A157  "A Spatiotemporal/Spatiotemporal-Frequency Interpretation of Apparent Motion Reversal"
A165  "SHOP: Simple Hierarchical Ordered Planner"
A168  "Improving Graphplan's search with EBL & DDB Techniques"
A185  "Debugging Functional Programs"
A186  "Preference Moore Machines for Neural Fuzzy Integration"
A187  "Integrating Problem-Solving Methods into CYC"
A191  "PEBM: A Probabilistic Exemplar Based Model"
A195  "Using Walk-SAT and Loop-Back CSP for Cryptographic Key Search"
A204  "Abducing Priorities to Derive Intended Conclusions"
A213  "Qualitative Outline Theory"
A225  "Decomposition Search: A Combinatorial Games Approach to Game Tree Search, with Applications to Solving Go Endgames"
A227  "Towards Multi-paper Summarization Using Reference Information"
A232  "Using Focus Rules in Requirements Elicitation Dialogues"
A233  "Complexity results for propositional closed world reasoning and circumscription from tractable knowledge bases"
A236  "A qualitative-fuzzy framework for nonlinear black-box system identification"
A241  "Toward a Probabilistic Formalization of Case-Based Inference"
A243  "A new tractable subclass of the rectangle algebra"
A244  "The Difference All-Difference Makes"
A245  "Exploiting a Common Property Resource under a Fairness Constraint: a Case Study"
A257  "Maximal Tractable Fragments of the Region Connection Calculus: A Complete Analysis"
A268  "Search in a Small World"
A270  "Reinforcement Algorithms Using Functional Approximation for Generalization and their Application to Cart Centering and Fractal Compression"
A286  "Computing Least Common Subsumers in Description Logics with Existential Restrictions"
A289  "Expressive Reasoning about Action in Nondeterministic Polynomial Time"
A290  "Improvements to the Evaluation of Quantified Boolean Formulae"
A302  "A new Method to index and query Sets"
A303  "Path Consistency on Triangulated Constraint Graphs"
A311  "Semi-Quantitative Comparative Analysis"
A317  "Constraint Propagation and Value Acquisition: why we should do it Interactively"
A321  "The Ramification Problem in the Event Calculus"
A322  "Verifying Integrity Constraints on Web Sites"
A324  "Scalable Temporal Reasoning"
A326  "Hybrid Thematic Role Processor: Symbolic Linguistic Relations Revised by Connectionist Learning"
A329  "Maximization of the Average Quality of Anytime Contract Algorithms over a Time Interval"
A330  "Combining Weak Knowledge Sources for Sense Disambiguation"
A334  "On the Use of Integer Programming Models in AI Planning"
A336  "Automatic Concept Formation in Pure Mathematics"
A345  "Optimizing recursive information-gathering plans"
A346  "A Foundational Approach to Belief Change"
A349  "An Inconsistency Tolerant Model for Belief Representation and Belief Revision"
A351  "Switching from Bidirectional to Unidirectional Search"
A353  "A New Framework for Reasoning about Points, Intervals and Durations"
A361  "An anthropocentric tool for decision making support"
A364  "Computational complexity of planning and approximate planning in presence of incompleteness"
A373  "Exploratory Interaction with a Bayesian Argumentation System"
A379  "Acquisition of Qualitative Spatial Representation by Visual Observation"
A386  "Learning Rules for Large Vocabulary Word Sense Disambiguation"
A387  "Model checking for nonmonotonic logics: algorithms and complexity"
A396  "Efficient SQL-Querying Method for Data Mining in Large Data Bases"
A406  "Stable Model Checking Made Easy"
A413  "Adaptive Web Sites: Conceptual Cluster Mining"
A414  "Be Patient and Tolerate Imprecision: How to Coordinate Autonomous Agents"
A416  "State Space Construction by Attention Control"
A421  "A Case Based Approach to the Generation of Musical Expression"
A423  "Diagrammatic Proofs"
A425  "Physical Constraints on Human Robot Interaction"
A428  "Improving search using indexing: a study with temporal CSPs"
A437  "Preferential Semantics for Causal Systems"
A447  "Towards Efficient Metaquerying"
A462  "Discovering chronicles with numerical time constraints from alarm logs for monitoring dynamic systems"
A466  "A Protocol-Based Semantics for an Agent Communication Language"
A470  "Multiple path coordination for mobile robots: a geometric algorithm"
A472  "Demand-Driven Discovery of Adaptation Knowledge"
A476  "Automatic Diagnosis of Student Programs in Programming Learning Environments"
A479  "Qualitative and Quantitative Representations of Locomotion and their Application in Robot Navigation"
A484  "Rights, Duties and Commitments between Agents"
A488  "Reactive Control of Dynamic Progressive Processing"
A499  "Programming Resource-Bounded Deliberative Agents"
A502  "Diagnosis as a Variable Assignment Problem: a case Study in a Space Robot Fault Diagnosis"
A504  "Investigating the Emergence of Speech Sounds"
A512  "Genetic Heuristic for Search Space Exploration"
A513  "The Symmetric Alldiff Constraint"
A515  "Real-Time Problem-Solving with Contract Algorithms"
A520  "Highly reactive decision making: a game with Time"
A522  "Autonomous Concept Formation"
A525  "On the relation of resolution and tableaux proof systems for description logics"
A530  "Dynamic Refinement of Feature Weights Using Quantitative Introspective Learning"
A533  "An Experimental Study of Phase Transitions in Matching"
A537  "Towards Flexible Multi-Agent Decision-Making Under Time Pressure"
A541  "A Sparse Sampling Algorithm for Near-Optimal Planning in Large Markov Decision Processes"
A543  "Constructive Induction: A Version Space-based Approach"
A544  "Remembering to Add: Competence-preserving Case-Addition Policies for Case Base Maintenance"
A546  "Efficient Reinforcement Learning in Factored MDPs"
A550  "Postulates for conditional belief revision"
A551  "Monitoring Piecewise Continuous Behaviors by Refining Trackers and Their Models"
A553  "Efficiency and Equilibrium in Task Allocation Economies with Hierarchical Dependencies"
A555  "Finding Relations in Polynomial Time"
A556  "Domain-Dependent Single-Agent Search Enhancements"
A563  "Convergence of reinforcement learning with general function approximators"
A564  "Tracking many objects with many sensors"
A565  "Process-Oriented Estimation of Generalization Error"
A569  "Cyclic Scheduling"
A578  "The Cluster-Abstraction Model: Unsupervised Learning of Topic Hierarchies from Text Data"
A582  "An algorithm for optimal winner determination in combinatorial auctions"
A585  "Solving Strategies for Highly Symmetric CSPs"
A586  "Branch and Bound with Mini-Bucket Heuristics"
A587  "Shopbots and Pricebots"
A589  "Discovering Admissible Model Equations from Observed Data Based on Scale-Types and Identity Constrains"
A592  "Leave-One-Out Support Vector Machines"
A593  "A neural reinforcement learning approach to learn local dispatching policies in production scheduling"
A595  "Markov Localization using Correlation"
A596  "To Encode or Not to Encode -- I. linear planning"
A601  "The Role of Saliency in Generating Natural Language Arguments"
A609  "Modeling the Basic Meanings of Path Relations"
A619  "Efficient Mining of Statistical Dependencies"
A628  "An Iterative Sampling Procedure for Resource Constrained Project Scheduling with Time Windows"
A629  "On the Relations between Probabilistic Logic and $\pi$-CMS"
A634  "Designing Comprehensible Agents"
A650  "Reasoning in Expressive Description Logics with Fixpoints based on Automata on Infinite Trees"
A652  "Bounding the Suboptimality of Reusing Subproblem"
A653  "Classifying Texts Integrating Pattern Matching and Information Extraction"
A654  "Incremental Learning in a Fuzzy Intelligent System"
A656  "Lean Semantic Interpretation"
A662  "An Effective Ship Berthing Algorithm"
A672  "Transduction with Confidence and Credibility"
A673  "A Possibilistic Planner that deals with non-determinism and contingency"
A682  "Extending consistent domains of numeric CSP"
A684  "Projection and Regression using Sensors"
A686  "A Machine Learning Approach to Building Domain-Specific Search Engines"
A687  "Compiling Knowledge into Decomposable Negation Normal Form"
A691  "Utilizing Device Function in Structure-Based Diagnosis"
A693  "Using a Cognitive Architecture to Plan Dialogs for the Adaptive Explanation of Proofs"
A698  "Divide and Conquer Bidirectional Search"
A704  "Query Evaluation and Progression in AOL Knowledge Bases"
A716  "Generalized Connectionist Associative Memory"
A721  "Dealing with geometric constraints in game-theoretic planning"
A726  "Unifying SAT-based and Graph-based Planning"
A727  "SARDSRN: A Neural Network Shift-Reduce Parser"
A728  "An assessment of submissions made to the Predictive Toxicology Evaluation Challenge"
A729  "Situated Grounded Word Semantics"
A735  "Speeding Up Ascending-Bid Auctions"
A736  "SAT-Encodings, Search Space Structure, and Local Search Performance"
A738  "Temporal Planning with Mutual Exclusion Reasoning"
A741  "Managing Temporal Uncertainty Through Waypoint Controllability"
A743  "Combining variable resolution discretization criteria for high-accuracy solutions of continuous time and space MDPs"
A747  "Automata Theory for Reasoning About Actions"
A749  "Multi-Value-Functions: Efficient Automatic Action Hierarchiesfor Multiple Goal MDPs"
A752  "Learning Probabilistic Relational Models"
A754  "Two fielded teams and two experts: A RoboCup Challenge Respone from the Trenches"
A757  "Latent Class Models for Collaborative Filtering"
A759  "Sequential Optimality and Coordination in Multiagent Systems"
A760  "Processing Symbols at Variable Speed in DUAL: Connectionist Activation as Power Supply"
A761  "Sequential Auctions for the Allocation of Resources with Complementarities"
A767  "Relational Learning for NLP using Linear Threshold Elements"
A768  "The LPSAT Engine & its Application to Resource Planning"
A769  "Learning in Natural Language"
A770  "A context-dependent attention system for a social robot"
A772  "Logic-Based Subsumption Architecture"
A773  "Computing Near Optimal Strategies for Stochastic Investment Planning Problems"
A774  "Visual Planning: A Practical Approach to Automated Presentation Design"
A776  "Solving Non-Markovian Control Tasks with Neuro-Evolution"
A777  "Combining General Hand-Made and Auomatically Constructed Thesauri for Query Expansion in Information Retrieval"
A781  "Continual Computation Policies for Allocating Offline and Real-Time Resources"
A783  "Reasoning About Actions in Narrative Understanding"
A786  "Computing factored value functions for policies in structured MDPs"
A792  "Risk Control in Multi-agent Coordination by Negotiation with a Trusted Third Party"
A793  "Algorithms for Optimizing Leveled Commitment Contracts"
A810  "How Latent is Latent Semantic Analysis?"
A811  "Taming the Computational Complexity of Combinatorial Auctions: Optimal and Approximate Approaches"
A812  "Towards a possibilistic logic handling of preferences"
A816  "Credulous Nonmonotonic Inference"
A817  "Coevolution, Memory and Balance"
A821  "Axiomatic Foundations for Qualitative/Ordinal Decisions with Partial Preferences"

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