August 28 - September 3,1993


Languages for Al

A Language for Implementing Arbitrary Logics

 Mark Tarver                      839
Conditional Causal Logic: A Formal Theory of the Meaning Generating Processes in a Cognitive System

Pierre Basso                      845

Logic Programming and Automated Logic Debugging

On the Acceptability of Arguments and its Fundamental Role in Nonmonotonic Reasoning and Logic Programming

Phan Minh Dung              852

Logic Programming I
A Metalogic Programming Approach to Reasoning about Time in Knowledge Bases

SM. Sripada                      860

Representing Concurrent Actions in Extended Logic Programming

 Chitta Baral and Michael Gelfond                      866

Logic Programming II
A Parameterised Module System for Constructing Typed Logic Programs

 PM. Hill                     874

Logical Specification of Real-Time Granular Systems in an Object Oriented Language

Emanuele Ciapessoni, Edoardo Corsetti, Manlio Migliorati and Elena Ratto                             881

Average-Case Analysis of a Nearest Neighbor Algorithm

 Pat Langley and Wayne lha                        889

Estimating the Accuracy of Learned Concepts

Timothy L. Bailey and Charles Elkan                     895

Case Baaed Reasoning Case Retrieval through Multiple Indexing and Heuristic Search

 Edwina L. Rissland, David B. Skalak and M. Timur Friedman           902     

  Retrieving Cases from Relational Data-Bases: Another Stride Towards Corporate-Wide Case-Base Systems

  Hideo Shimazu, Hiroaki Kitano and Akihiro Shibata                   909

Combinatorial Problems
Abstraction via Approximate Symmetry

Thomas Ellman           916

An Analytic Learning System for Specializing Heuristics

 Steven Minton           922

Combined Learning Methods      

 Integrating Inductive Neural Network Learning and Explanation-Based Learning

Sebastian B. Thrun and Tom M. Mitchell         930

SMART+: A Multi-Strategy Learning Tool

Marco Bona and Attilio Giordano           937

Complex Concept Acquisition                                                                                                                                                                                                        Complex Concept Acquisition through Directed Search and Feature Caching

Harish Ragavan,Larry Rendell, Michael Shaw and Antoinette Tessmer             946
Improving the Design of Induction Methods by Analyzing Algorithm Functionality and Data-BasedConcept Complexity

 Larry Rendell and Harish Ragavan          952

Genetic Algorithms
Evolutionary Learning Strategy using Bug-Based Search

 Hitoshi Iba, Tetsuya Higuchi, Hugo deGaris and Taisuke Sato         960

Genetic State-Space Search for Constrained Optimization Problems

 Jan Paredis             967

Improving Behavior
Learning of Resource Allocation Strategies for Game Playing

Shaul Markovitch and Yawn Sella           974

Reducing Ambiguity by Learning Assembly Specific Behaviour

 Bert Bredeweg and Cis      980

Multi-Interval Discretization of Continuous-Valued Attributes for Classification Learning

Usama M. Fayyad, Keki B. Irani; 1022